Her ceramics is contemporary with organic and tactile shapes inspired by the natural elements, but also building on a long tradition of ceramic forms. Curvy lines and undulations, smooth and raw surfaces, subtle and natural colors resembling geological structures. This in combination with a background of studying archaeology and anthropology she aims to explore a global cultural heritage, seeking influences both historically and geographically.

I build by hand or throw on an old kick wheel. I call it Slow Design. My work is in a sense functional, but I also want to go beyond that and see it as individual objects with a voice of their own. This is particularly relevant for the MAMA and curVASEous pieces which are influenced by the early human figurines. While the Ripples series are shaped by my childhood memories of  sand dunes, while living in an arid landscape. 

I want to create pieces that are not only beautiful but that you also want to touch - to feel the form, surface and texture.

Contemporary Ceramics

The feeling is the essential - the feeling while I am creating the piece and also the feeling the piece conveys when it is placed in someones home.

Anna Hjertstrand Olefeldt is a ceramic artist based in the south of Sweden. After 15 years of spare-time dreaming in clay she stumbled upon an old kick wheel on a flee market, and soon after started her own studio in 2018.